Company presentation

M.T.I. Laita A. & C. Ltd

Main activities :

  • Fully Welded Valves (Narrow Gap also) and pups: either carbon steel or cryogenic
  • Nichel or Alloy Overlay
  • Pipings: prefabrication and erection
  • Boilers: pressure parts
  • Vessels, also PED with “CE” stamp
  • Skids complete with: Vessels construction, Pipings prefabrication, erection and

Brief summary of history of our Company and description of our main activities:
The M.T.I. Laita company was born in 1967 as one firm with scope the construction and the erection of industrial plants.
The prevailing typology of our customers was constituted by weavings and flexible packaging firms, in which he handled the realization of Diathermic Oil Plants, Saturated or Overheated Vapour Plants, Overheated Water Plants, Solvent Recovery Plants, and so on.
Already in that first years, jobs were performed with radiographic tests of the welding, as also pipelines in ASTM A335.11 were done for high temperatures plants.
Subsequently, in 1978, we proceeded to the construction of the first shop with the purpose to prefabricate in shop our pipelines so that to improve its quality and to reduce the expenses, offering therefore to our customers a best product to a more competitive price.
Such shop has subsequently suffered amplifications in 1991 and the old machineries are constantly adjourned or replaced by others more modern and with better performance.
The workshop 1978 it’s served by n. 4 bridge cranes with capacity from 5,0 to 6,3 tons, + n. 1 jib cranes with a capacity of 2,0 tons.
Since 2008 we have a new shop, in front to the previous, it consist to a covered production area of 1300 sqm + sqm 180 for services and equipped locals to the ground floor, additional 180 sqm for office locals on the first floor and also 180 sqm for archive local on the second floor.
This new factory is currently equipped with:

  • N. 1 bridge crane with a capacity of 40+12,5 tons
  • N. 1 bridge crane with a capacity of 32+10 tons so we can lift up about 80 tons, on two hooks, with no external help.

Outside we have n. 1 mobile crane, with maximum load of 15 tons, n. 1 forklift truck,
with maximum load of 5 tons.
In this moment we have a covered equipped area of 2300 sqm., a large square, about
3000 sqm., for the storage, shipping and handling means.
We have offices and dressing rooms, and also one heated room for the storage and maintenance of the consumable welding materials.
In production shop we have n. 2 furnaces for electrodes, n. 1 for carbon steel and n. 1 for stainless steel; we have also n. 2 furnaces for welding flux: the first one for carbon steel fluxes, the second one for neutral fluxes or for other leagues.
We provided some pneumatic end hydraulic bevelling machines from ½” diameter to 20” diameter; also we have bandsaw machines up to the diameter of 18"; flame and plasma cut systems for plates and pipes as for stainless or carbon steel; also we have welding-machines for the execution of our welding in GTAW, SMAW, GMAW-FCAW, with rotary positioner from 0.3 to 3.0 tons and two automatic SAW welding-machines with rotators from 30 to 44 tons.
All of our GTAW welding-machine have high frequency starter.
We have Qualifications of the Welding Procedures according to ASME sect. IX° and according to UNI-EN 15614, UNI-EN 287; either with or without P.W.H.T., both with Impact Test and Hardness Test.
We cooperate with Quality Control Laboratory for the execution of the RT, UT, MT or LP tests.
Our manpower consists of 10 employees to the production shop and 2 employees to the accounting and management shop.
Since 2010 we have adopted a “ Manual of the Organization and Management for the Health and Safety at Work “ with its “ Policy” and “ Ethical Code “ in accordance with the “ UNI-INAIL “ guidelines and the requirements of international standard “ BS OHSAS 18001:2007 “.
Since October 2016 we have obtained the certification of our "QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" according to ISO 9001: 2008.
Since August 2018 we have obtained the certification of our "QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" according to ISO 9001: 2015.